The Only site in the World to provide Ball to Ball Betting

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    Investor Relationship is the first to provide ball to ball online sports betting based on an integrated game calculator similar to Duckworth Lewis (D/L) system of cricket calculations. Based on this certain permutation and calculations certain result can be expected in a live game and hence a business revenue model can be created and sustained based on both fantasy as well as live sports betting.

    Based on the popularity of the game of cricket as a major sport entertainment event in the sub continent and the success of the World Cup ; T20 format – IPL and world cup and the various regional tournament will create an opportunity for the portal to expand into commercial sports gaming and event promotions.

    As of now has 10,000 users and hopes to increase this number to about 1 Million users in the next 2 – 3 years. Cricket has now become an international event with tournaments and games been played at various level and there is a lot of interest in the live game of cricket as a sport. This creates a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to capitalise on.

    Based on initial numbers we hope to be a profitable business in the next 2 years with revenues in the tune of about US 50 Million and a profit in the region of US 20 Million based on our estimate of 1 Million Users. and ( is planning a second phase investment to seek expansion and to develop an integrated regional platform and to seek opportunities in various cricket playing nations in the world. On the marketing front is looking at strategic investment and marketing partners that can reinvent the game of cricket to facilitate various games and tournaments.

    As of present is planning to raise a capital of about 20 Million USD dollars which will be spent on further developing the online platform to reach an audience of over 1 billion cricket fans world over. This will include marketing campaigns and promotional campaign with other key partners and sponsors of the game of cricket. The offer is to sell 20 % of this company for the value of the investment. This will also involve setting up a tournament in India called Rapid Fire 20 - 20 and will have different dimensions on the game of cricket.

    If interested please feel free to contact us for our investment relations to get in touch with you.